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Design Purpose
  Environmental Preservation  
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Management Philosophy
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Products Infomation
  Molding Compounds for Laminate Packeges
Flame retardant-free semiconductor encapsulant with excellent long-term heat resistance and thermal cycle reliability.
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  Non-Solvent Type Varnishes (Impregnation Resin)
We offer non-solvent type varnishes (Impregnation Resin). For better working conditions, lower VOC odor varnishes are also available.
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News Releases (Products)
Styrene-Free Insulating Varnishes with Lower VOC Developed
New Photo-Sensitive Passivation Materials
Perfect Green Molding Compounds for Automotive Devices
Halogen-Free High Frequency Laminates Developed
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[News] Changes in Directors (April,1 2013)
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