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About > Environmental Preservation 

Environmental Preservation

Environment Policy of KYOCERA Chemical Corporation
 ISO14001 Certification
KYOCERA Chemical Corporation was certified by the International Standard ISO14001 in December 1997. This has been integrated into  the Kyocera Group Integrated Environment and Safety Management System since April 2003. The Kyocera Environmental Charter acts as an action agenda to work on environmental protection activities.

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Certification Status of KYOCERA Chemical Corporation
Range Registration
Japan KYOCERA Chemical Corporation
Head Office, Kansai Sales Office, Kyushu Sales Office, Kawaguchi Works, Kawasaki Works, Koriyama Works, Moka Works
JACO EC99J2032 1996.10.29
*Integrates into the Kyocera system.
Global KYOCERA Chemical Singapore Pte. Ltd. SGS E-16355 1999.06.29
KYOCERA Chemical (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. SACQS 00311E10122R3S 2004.04.15

Other overseas affiliates not mentioned above are operated as "KGEMS"(*1) (self-authentication system).

(*1) Kyocera Group Integrated Environment and Safety Management System
 Kyocera Group's Environment and Safety Management System
KYOCERA Corporation has certified registration at each site since 1996. Kyocera Group companies use certified Integrated Environment and Safety Management System since 1999 to improve environmental protection levels of each Group company. Newly incorporated companies are added at any time within Integrated Environment and Safety Management System.
 Environmentally Friendly Products
Kyocera chemical was quick to focus on minimizing impact on the global environment as a major research and development theme. We produce a wide range of "green" materials, starting with our halogen-free materials for multilayer circuit boards such as halogen-free epoxy molding compounds for semiconductor encapsulating. Other innovative products include our anisotropic conductive pastes, infiltration resins, and magnesium molded parts, all of which have attracted the keen interest of world manufacturers launching efforts to preserve the environment. Kyocera chemical aims to create a closer relationship between people and the environment through chemistry. We will continue to develop products and technologies that promote a brighter, healthier future.
About > Environmental Preservation 
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