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Business Strategy

High-value added products created through reliable technology

Chemical materials are a big driving force behind expanding digital technology.
As a pioneer in the development of insulating materials in Japan, Kyocera chemical has continuously been producing new highly functional materials to meet the demands of the times. By utilizing our application and processing technologies, we have been fulfilling wide-ranging demands and expanding our business. Responding to market trends we continue to develop high-value products that meet the demands of the times.
 Digital Electronics Industry
Semiconductor, Circuit and Electronic Components, Office Automation EquipmentsHigher integration of digital equipment and related parts is accelerated through the evolution of chemical materials.

Kyocera chemical proposes a "Total Package Solution" by utilizing a material combination of molding compounds for semiconductors, die bonding pastes and heat-resistant coating materials. Our printed circuit board materials, such as FPC materials, contribute to the miniaturization of highly functional digital equipment.


· Semiconductors
· Circuit and Electronic Components
· Office Automation Equipment

 Automotive Industry
Automobile PartsAutomotive component materials demand high reliability because they have a direct correlation with saving human lives.

Kyocera chemical has been offering highly reliable products including casting resins for ignition coils, molding compounds for semiconductors, electro conductive pastes, molded parts.
  detail · Automotive Components
 Energy Industry
Energy sectorPower supply is one of the most important social infrastructures which plays a vital role in maintaining our lives and industries.

Kyocera chemical supplies insulating varnishes (Impregnation Resin) and insulating materials for electric generating systems. We are developing many new materials for fuel cell systems, solar power generating systems and various other applications.
  detail · Energy Sector
 Environmental Preservation
Environmentally Friendly Products For many years, Kyocera chemical has been engaged in developing technology for global environmental protection such as halogen-free, antimony-free, lead-free, styrene-free projects. Our efforts are realized in our green products including molding compounds for semiconductors, printed circuit board materials, insulating vanishes (Impregnation Resin), casting resins and magnesium molded parts.
  detail · Environmentally Friendly Products
About > Business Strategy 
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