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News Release > First in the Market! Void less Eutectic Joint Applicable NCP 
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First in the Market! Void less Eutectic Joint Applicable NCP
July 17, 2003

KYOCERA Chemical has released void less NCP (Non Conductive Paste) for eutectic joint to the market and has started the production.

In previous material eutectic joint at 280-420deg.C, which is very severe to organic resin, was impossible due to void occurrence.
On the other hand, there is requirement of shorten flip chip process using under fills.
This new NCP was developed by controlling resin combination and curing system and it enable void less process moreover shorten process which has originally has NCP products.

Fig.1 Comparison of Tact Time and Joint Structure

Usually TAB, Underfill or ACF (Anisotropic Conductive Film) are dominant process for LCD driver assembly. However it has been changed to NCP heat press bonding process due to fine pitch of devices.
But usual NCP has certain problem on joint reliability or long tact time. To solve these problems, KYOCERA chemical has completed development to enable highly reliable eutectic join and short tact time with Misuzu Kogyo.

We also have ACP (Anisotropic Conductive Paste) for flip chip joint to PET substrate including IC tag application. These products contain Ni particle and it shows some merits to break through oxidation layer of Cu or Al electrode, and anchor effect, which means Ni particles, are buried in electrode.
Moreover it shows excellent adhesion and moisture resistance to PET substrate and cure at low temperature and short time.

Production is done in Kawasaki Plant and sales target of first fiscal year is 500million yen and 5 billion yen after 5 years.

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News Release > First in the Market! Void less Eutectic Joint Applicable NCP 
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