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News Release > KYOCERA Group Companies Support Tsunami Relief Efforts 
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KYOCERA Group Companies Support Tsunami Relief Efforts
January 24, 2005

KYOTO, JAPAN - January 24, 2005 - Kyocera Corporation, the headquarters and parent of the global Kyocera Group, today announced that there will be a group donation of 50 million yen (approximately US$485,000) made toward relief efforts for the tsunami damage caused by the earthquake that occurred in the offshore region of Sumatra, Indonesia, at the end of last year.

The donation will be made on behalf of Kyocera, Kyocera Mita, Kyocera Communication Systems, Kyocera Elco, Kyocera Kinseki, Kyocera Chemical, AVX and Kyocera International group companies.

In addition, Kyocera Group companies are collecting donations from their employees, which will be deposited with organizations such as the Red Cross International Response Fund to assist tsunami survivors.

We pray for the quick recovery of the areas affected by the disaster.

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News Release > KYOCERA Group Companies Support Tsunami Relief Efforts 
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