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News Release > The New Photo-Sensitive Passivation Materials 
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- Focus on new use -
The New Photo-Sensitive Passivation Materials
July 26, 2005

KYOCERA Chemical developed new structural Photo-Sensitive Passivation Materials which are different from usual polyimide material for protection coating on the surface of the semiconductor devices. KYOCERA Chemical is starting sales aggressively.

This product has the characteristic of 1/3 or less warpage of wafer after curing to usual polyimide materials.
And it has been evaluated at many semiconductor companies, because of lower price than conventional products. Following new factory build up with 300mm wafer line, our material has been increasing adoption accordingly.

Moreover, our company advances increasing the sale of the Photo-Sensitive Passivation Materials for the semiconductor (Passivation film), and advances new usage development of the Insulating Resin for Re-Wiring of the Wafer Level "Chip Scale Package (CSP)" on the surface of the semiconductor etc.
1 The curing temperature is 100°C or more lower than the polyimide material, and curing at about 220°C is more possible.
  2 The shrinkage when curing is small, and it is a low stress, and the warp of the wafer is small.
*The warp is 1/3 of the past polyimide materials.
  3 The resolution is high, and image dissection of 3µm is possible by the Positive print type.
  4 No use of the developer as the solvent.
And instead of it, the material is possible to use the alkalis that uses aqueous solution.


[ New Usage Development ]
·Resin for Re-Wiring for the Wafer Level Chip Scale Package (CSP)
Recently, the miniaturization of the semiconductor package is rapidly advanced. Therefore the substrate for the package (Interposer) is not used, and the Wafer Level CSP that does the circuit formation for "Ball Grid Array (BGA)" directly on the wafer has come to be used in the semiconductor manufacturing process. The insulating resin with heat-resistance and photosensitivity is needed by manufacturing of this Wafer Level CSP. The circuit that puts the solder ball can be formed by the circuit formation by the spatter plating by using the heat-resistance and photosensitivity resin for insulating layer.

The use of the copper circuit is requested for the speed-up of operation though the resin such as polyimide had been used for the interlayer insulating resin. However, in the case of polyimide, there was a possibility that the problem of oxidation of copper occurs to have to bake it at the high temperature of 300°C or more.

On the other hand, our new photosensitive heatproof resin can be curing at the temperature of about 220°C. And the resin is a suitable material for the Wafer Level CSP that uses the copper circuit because the material of heat-resistance is higher than the epoxy resin. This characteristic simplifies the evaluation and adoption of advanced interlayer insulating resins for the Wafer Level CSP.

[ Supply System ]
KYOCERA Chemical produces this product at our Kawasaki Plant (Japan).
In the future, we will increase our production capacity by half, and invest the capital expenditure according to the amount of demand.

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News Release > The New Photo-Sensitive Passivation Materials 
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