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News Release > Styrene-Free Insulating Varnishes with Lower VOC Developed 
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- Styrene-Free Insulating Varnishes/Superior in Low Odor, Heat and Moisture Resistance -
Styrene-Free Insulating Varnishes with Lower VOC Developed
January 12, 2006

KYOCERA Chemical has developed new Styrene-free insulating varnishes, which characteristics of the materials are the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) is 1/50 or less than existing Styrene-type products and considerably less odor.

With raising of environmental awareness internationally, RoHS being well underway for instance, we have been striving to develop environmentally-friendly materials, such as Halogen-Free Antimony-Free materials, in the Molding Compounds for Semiconductor Encapsulation and Printed Circuit Board Material areas.

As well as a use of Acrylic material, denatured polyester resin as base material has brought lower odor and VOC and excellent durability in moisture, heat and adhesiveness.

1 Low VOC. The amount of VOC is 1/50 or less than Sytreme Type Varnishes.
  2 Styrene-Free - little odor.
  3 High heat resistance and superior moisture resistance.
  4 Excellent adhesive properties and good crack resistance.


[ Application ]
The new varnishes are suitable to use widely from general motor to rapidly spinning motor such as vacuum cleaner, electrical power tools.

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News Release > Styrene-Free Insulating Varnishes with Lower VOC Developed 
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