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News Release > Changes in Directors 
The news releases herein are released for a media organization, and are current of the date of publication.

Changes in Directors
March 31, 2006

We are pleased to announce that our president, Mr Noboru Nakamura has been appointed as new Chairman of the Board (COB) and Representative Director as 01 April, 2006 effective.
Mr Iwao Yamazaki, COB and Representative Director, takes over the post as President and Representative Director.


1. Changes in Director' s official position (dated April 1, 2006)
Name New Title Former Title
Noboru Nakamura Chairman of the Board and
Representative Director
President and
Representative Director
Iwao Yamazaki President and Representative Director Chairman of the Board and
Representative Director

2. Reasons for personnel reshuffles

This personnel reshuffles been made due to the changes in directors of our parent company, KYOCERA Corporation, in order to strengthen corporation and ties amongst the KYOCERA group and the thoroughness in Amoeba Management based on "KYOCERA Philosophy".

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News Release > Changes in Directors 
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