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Automotive Components

Automobile Parts
 Molding Compounds for Semiconductor Encapsulation
Molding Compounds for Laminate Packages
Used for memory cards. No harmful substances formed when dicing after molding.
  Molding Compounds for Surface Mount Devices: Environmentally Friendly Type
High reliability, achieved JEDEC level 1.
  Molding Compounds for Surface Mount Devices: Standard (Br/Sb) Type
Good moldability. Lead-free material available for high temperature reflow process.
Molding Compounds for Small Signal Packages
Good moldability. Extra small type and pin insertion type available.
  Molding Compounds for General Packages: Standard Low Stress Type
Good moldability. Good for large size LSI.
  Molding Compounds for General Packages: High Tg and Low Stress Type
Optimal for module encapsulation.
Molding Compounds for General Packages: Environmentally Friendly Type
Flame resistant-free materials for general purpose.
  Molding Compounds for Power Devices
Optimal for fields requiring heat dissipation.
 Molding Compounds
Rapid Cure General Purpose Molding Compounds
Possess good characteristics for strength, dimension, moldability and cost performance.
  High Strength Molding Compounds
Possess good characteristics for mechanical strength, dimension, and moldability.
  Super Heat-Resistant Molding Compounds
Ideal materials for substitution of metal parts in applications above 200°C.
Premix for Molding
Permits miniaturization. Moisture resistance, low noise, and reliability of parts are improved.
  Premix for High Precision Molding Parts
Possess good characteristics for precision components.
  Premix for Electric Parts
Balanced premix materials for electric characteristics and mechanical strength.
Special Purpose Premix
Fixer for grinding whetstones.
  Premix for Light Weight
Low specific gravity (1.0 to 1.6). Good mechanical strength.
 Functional Materials
Electric Conductive Pastes for General use
Used for electrical components in automotive interior applications.
  High Thermal Conductive Pastes
Low absorption ratio. Good for automotive applications.
  Electric Conductive Pastes for Pb-Free
Available for use in high temperature reflow process.
Photo-Sensitive Passivation Materials for Wafer-Coating
Permits resin pattern with high heat resistance.
  Heat-Resistant Polyimide Resins for Wafer-Coating
Polyimide resins are excellent for moisture resistance and bonding.
 Chemically Engineered Materials
Non-Solvent Type Varnishes
We have a proven track record with alternators and starters. Clinging power is kept even in high temperature.
  Casting Resin for Ignition Coils
We have experience and proven reliability in insulating materials for ignition coils.
  Electrical / Electronic Parts Application Resins
Good for encapsulation of sensors, etc., due to low stress and flexibility.
 Molded Products
Magnesium-Molded Parts
Top class technology in molding for large and thin molded parts.
  Plastic Molded Parts
We have earned a good reputation in our many years of supplying electronic equipment.
  Unsaturated Polyester Molded Parts (Premix Molded Parts)
Used in a wide range of fields; small electric components, large structures, etc.
Phenolic Molded Parts
Used in a wide range of fields; electric components, car molding parts, etc.
  Epoxy Molded Parts
Used in a wide range of fields that require high reliability; for example, in parts for electric devices.
Pultrusion molded parts with high strength and nonconductivity, with reduced cost through the use of glass.
Pultrusion molded parts with stable dimensions, specific strength, light weight, and high elasticity.
Products > Applications > Automotive Components 
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