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Design Purpose
Environmentally Friendly Products
Weight Reduction
Heat Resistance
High Density Assembly
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Environmentally Friendly Products

Environment-Preserving Products
 Molding Compounds for Semiconductor Encapsulation
Molding Compounds for Laminate Packages: Environmentally Friendly Type
No harmful substances are created when dicing after molding.
  Molding Compounds for Surface Mount Devices: Environmentally Friendly Type
Pb-free materials, contain no flame retardants.
  Molding Compounds for Surface Mount Devices: Standard (Br/Sb) Type
Tolerant at high temperature in the reflow process.
Molding Compounds for Small Signal Packages: For Surface Mount Devices
For Pb-free small PKG.
  Molding Compounds for General Packages: Environmentally Friendly Type
We provide general-purpose materials that contain no flame retardants.
 Molding Compounds
Ammonia-Free Materials
Our products are highly reliable because they do not generate ammonia gas which causes corrosion; pursuant to regulations PRTR.
 Functional Materials
Electric Conductive Pastes for General use
Halogen epoxy resin is not used in this paste.
  High Thermal Conductive Pastes
Along with Pb-free, we suggest that this product be used as an alternative to inner solder.
  Electric Conductive Pastes for Pb-Free
Available for Pb-free reflow at high temperature.
Pastes for Flip Chip Assembly use
We provide materials for flip chip assembly without needless solder.
  Eutectic Joint Applicable NCP
We provide pastes for process of thermal eutectic joint.
 Chemically Engineered Materials
Non-Solvent Type Varnishes
We have a lineup for low VOC and less odor varnishes which are easy to improve working environment.
  Solvent Type Varnishes
We have a lineup for lower formaldehyde type varnishes which provide better odor of hardened materials and better working environment.
  Inflammable Resins for High Voltage Trans
UL-certified in flame retardance; halogen / antimony-free.
 Molded Products
Magnesium-Molded Parts
We have worked on thin-type with a reduction in weight, recycling efficiency from early on and are world-class in this field.
Products > Design Purpose > Environmentally Friendly Products 
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