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High Density Assembly
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High Density Assembly

High Density Assembly
 Molding Compounds for Semiconductor Encapsulation
Molding Compounds for Laminate Packages
Materials for narrow pitch and chip stack packages.
 Functional Materials
Electric Conductive Pastes for General use
Used for die-bonding materials of CSP such as BGA.
  High Thermal Conductivity Pastes
Possesses good heat dissipation to prevent package temperature rise.
  Electric Conductive Pastes for Pb-Free
Used for die-bonding materials of CSP such as BGA.
Pastes for Flip Chip Assembly use
Pastes for fine pitch flip chip assembly.
  Eutectic Joint Applicable NCP
We suggest some pastes for eutectic bonding. Possesses high solder joint reliability.
Products > Design Purpose > High Density Assembly 
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