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Product System

Product Classification Product Name
Major Division Medium Minor
Molding Compounds for Semiconductor Encapsulation Molding Compounds for Laminate Packages Environmentally Friendly Type KE-G1200 Series
KE-G1250 Series
KE-G1270 Series
Standard (Br/Sb) Type KE-1100A
(KE-2100A) Series
(KE-2150) Series
Molding Compounds for Surface Mount Devices Environmentally Friendly Type KE-G3000 Series
KE-G3400 Series
KE-G280 Series
Standard (Br/Sb) Type KE-200D Series
KE-320D Series
Molding Compounds for Small Signal Packages For Surface Mount Devices KE-520 Series
KE-300F Series
For Insertion Devices KE-300K Series
Molding Compounds for General Packages Standard Low Stress Type KE-300 Series
KE-320 Series
High Tg and Low Stress Type KE-1000SV Series
Environmentally Friendly Type KE-G200 Series
KE-G240 Series
Molding Compounds for Power Devices High Thermal Conductivity Type KE-850 Series
KE-870 Series
KE-880 Series
Major Division Medium Minor Product Name
Molding Compounds Phenolic Molding Compounds "TECOLITE" High Insulation Molding Compounds KM-13B(G)
General Insulation Molding Compounds KM-30B(J)
Rapid Cure General Purpose Molding Compounds KM-727JK
Non-Flammable Molding Compounds KM-450(J)
Impact-Resistant Molding Compounds KM-245(G)
Ammonia-Free Molding Compounds KM-220(J)
High Strength Molding Compounds KM-6540(J)
Super Heat-Resistant Molding Compounds KM-1000
Epoxy Molding Compounds Injection Molding Epoxy Compounds for High-Precision Materials KE-4200
Unsaturated Polyester Molding Compounds "Premix" For Encapsulation Molding AP-200 Series
AP-400 Series
AP-900 Series
For High Precision Molding Parts AP-700 Series
XP-9003 Series
For Electric Parts AP-600 Series
AP-900 Series
For Special Purpose AP-700 Series
For Light Weight AP-700 Series
Thermosetting Polyimide Resins (IMIDALLOY)   KIR-30
Major Division Medium Minor Product Name
Functional Materials Electric Conductive Pastes Electric Conductive Pastes for General use CT200 Series
High Thermal Conductive Pastes CT284 Series
Electric Conductive Pastes for Pb-Free CT265 Series
Anisotropic Conductive Pastes Pastes for Flip Chip Assembly use TAP/TNP Series
Eutectic Joint Applicable NCP XAP0289 Series
Heat-Resistant Passivation Materials Photo-Sensitive Passivation Materials for Wafer-Coating CT4000 Series
Heat-Resistant Polyimide Resins for Wafer-Coating CT4000 Series
Major Division Medium Minor Product Name
Chemically Engineered Materials Insulating Varnishes
(Impregnation Resin)
Non-Solvent Type Varnishes Non-Solvent Type TVB Series
Solvent Type Varnishes Solvent Type TVA,TVB Series
Magnet Wire Coating Varnishes Magnet Wire Coating TVE Series
Casting Resins Non-Flammable Resins for High Voltage Transformer TCG1100 Series
Casting Resins for Ignition Coil TCG1600 Series
Insulating Resins for Heavy Electric Equipment TCG1900 Series
Resins for Electrical / Electronic Part Applications TCG1800 Series
TCG5000 Series
Major Division Medium Minor Product Name
Molded Products Magnesium-Molded Parts    
Plastic Molded Parts    
Thermosetting Molded Parts Unsaturated Polyester Molded Parts (Premix Molded Parts)  
Phenolic Molded Parts  
Epoxy Molded Parts  
CFRP / GFRP Pultrusion Molded Parts GFRP
(Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic)
C Series
HA Series
(Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic)
CF Series
CH Series
E Series
TC Boards Flame-Resistant TC-F1
Highly Flame-Resistant TC-F2
High Mechanical Strength and Flame-Resistant TC-F3
Acid-Resistant, Flame-Resistant TC-F4
Sulfuric Acid-Resistant, Flame-Resistant TC-F5
Major Division Medium Minor Product Name
Molding Dies Product Information Molding Dies for Automotive Components  
Molding Dies for Home Appliance Components  
Molding Dies with Mechanism  
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