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Heat-Resistant Passivation Materials

 Photo-Sensitive Passivation Materials for Wafer-Coating
Our passivation materials achieve manufacturing process rationalization and small pattern formation by adding a phototonus function (negative and positive types) to an already excellent resin. This material can have multiple uses as a surface protective film on semiconductors.

·Photo Sensitive CT4000 Series (pdf/206KB)PDF
Photo-Sensitive Passivation Materials for Wafer-Coating
 Heat-Resistant Polyimide Resins for Wafer-Coating
Our polyimide resins have multiple uses in semiconductor and automotive part manufacturing due to their high reliability. These polyimide resins can be applied at low temperatures, making it ideal to enhance heat resistance.

·Heat resistance CT4000 Series (pdf/38KB)PDF
Heat-Resistance Poly-Imide Resin for Wafer-Coating
Products > Lineup > Functional Materials > Heat-Resistant Passivation Materials 
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