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Electric Conductive Pastes

 Electric Conductive Pastes for General use
Electric conductive pastes for general use are electro-conductive pastes for die bonding. Applications for these pastes range from small LED chips to LSI type ICs.

·CT200 Series (pdf/65KB)PDF
Electric Conductive Pastes for General use
 High Thermal Conductive Pastes
Our pastes have an excellent thermal conductivity that is 10 times that of general purpose pastes, and with 1/10th of the electric resistance.

These pastes exhibit excellent adhesion to gold, and good reflow resistance after moisture absorption.

Our high thermal conductive pastes are suitable for applications such as power ICs with a high generation of heat, as well as high luminance LEDs.

·CT284 Series (pdf/91KB)PDF

High Thermal Conductive Pastes
 Electric Conductive Pastes for Pb-Free
Electric conductive pastes for Pb-free are electro-conductive pastes for lead-free mounting.
High temperature reflow of lead-free boards is possible based on our pastes' high bonding strength, as well as decreased package warpage due to cold cure.

·CT265 Series (pdf/71KB)PDF
Electric Conductive Pastes for Pb-Free
Products > Lineup > Functional Materials > Electric Conductive Pastes 
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