KYOCERA Chemical values fair dealing and promotes green procurement.

Purchasing Policy

  1. We seek out our purchasing network on the global market based on cooperative relationships of equal and fair business.
  2. We clearly define our required levels of quality, price, delivery and services and proceed with purchasing procedures based on fair evaluation criteria.
  3. We follow and adhere to adopted laws and government regulations related to the purchasing business.
  4. When having dealings, we ensure leakage prevention of classified materials of the business.
  5. We conduct business with a consideration of environmental protection and preservation, and contributing to society.
  6. We open the door to all suppliers fairly and do not have preferences for related companies’ suppliers.
  7. On the selection of suppliers, we perform equal and fair evaluation based on QCDS-Quality, Price (Cost), Delivery and Service, and consider outstanding environmental achievement and possibility.
  8. When a competing estimate is received, we provide a reason for the rejected bid upon request.

Raw Material Procurement

Thank you for your interest in KYOCERA Chemical’s products.
Please contact us if you offer the corresponding raw materials.

Products Classification
Raw Materials
Epoxy Molding CompoundsEpoxy resin,
Silane coupling agent,
Colorant(Carbon black, Titanium dioxide, etc),
Phenolic resin,
Silica(Spherical, Fused, Crystal),
Silicone nitride,
Antimony trioxide, etc.
Functional Materials
(Pastes / Passivation Materials, etc.)

Chemically Engineered Materials
(Casting Resins / Insulating Varnishes)
Liquid type epoxy resin,
Phthalic anhydride,
Alminium hydroxide,
Maleic anhydride,
Silver Powder,
Silica powder,
Propylen glycol, etc.
OthersUnsaturated polyester resin,
Phenol novolac resin,
Hexamine, etc.

Contact us

Please refer to the “Procurement Policy” and “Purchasing Raw Materials” sections of the Procurement page.

KYOCERA Chemical Corporation Procurement Group
IS Building, 3-32-42 Higashishinagawa, Shinagawa-Ku,
Tokyo  140-8860 Japan

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